[ale] Newbie Samba question

John Mills Jmills at TGA.com
Thu Aug 26 14:52:42 EDT 1999

I have a Linux box (2.2.5/RH6.0) networked with a WinNT box which shares a
disk partition. I can access that partition from Linux with:
 'smbclient \\\\<host>\\<partition> <password> -U <me>`

I looked at '/etc/smb.conf', '/etc/rc.d/init.c/smb', etc. and they look OK,
at least generally. I read the 'SMB HOWTO', but I don't really see how to
make the shared NT partition available on my Linux host.

Should there be an entry in '/etc/fstab'? If so, how should it look? Could I
then 'mount' the NT partition manually? I don't yet see how to use the
beast. (I really want to move files ['tar', say] between the two hosts, as
the NT box is in our automated backup cycle and has some shared files.)

Comments welcome. (Next problem will be seeing the Linux box from NT, but
that's lower priority. 7;^)
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