[ale] Cable Modem and TV Tuner Card

Ray Prock rprock at damage.com
Thu Aug 19 13:28:49 EDT 1999

The other question is if she was a subscriber to their broadband service
before this.  Best means to tell is if they brought a new converter as well
as modem.  The phrasing below is not very clear as it implies that his mere
presence caused the tuner card to fail.  Did he install hardware, or just
the cable modem?
I go through comcast, and already had a nic.  Not a single problem.

Oh, and as to the digital service....  if true, she is going to need the
decoder to do the work, channel switching will be handled by that.

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> > My sister said that when the technician came to install her MediaOne
> > Cable Modem that she could no longer use her TV Tuner Card.  She argued
> > briefly and then asked him to leave and take his $@#@# Modem with him.
> > I think it should run both.  The TV Tuner card is just another TV.
> > Yes, it will connect to the COAX before the modem, but it should work.
> > Am I right?  Can anyone shed some light on this?
> The TV card just grabs the same stuff off the COAX as a TV.  Is the
> problem that the TV card is no longer seen by the system, or that when you
> launch the app you just get static as the tv display?
> I have an ATI all-in-wonder 128 in my machine, and I had to do a lot of
> bios tweaking to get rid of all the IRQ conflicts after I put my network
> card back in.
> Depending on which the problem was would dictate where to go from there.

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