[ale] MediaOne arp not working?

linuxhat at mailandnews.com linuxhat at mailandnews.com
Wed Aug 18 12:29:37 EDT 1999

I have the MediaOne cablemodem service.... or did until about two weeks ago;
I called them on a Monday morning to report I couldn't get DHCP.  They said
they were fixing something, should be done by EOD.  Next morning I could get
DHCP, but the gateway wouldn't arp.  It had been working fine for 12 months
prior to that.  Verified ethernet card, cable; finally browbeat M1's 
customer-no-service-especially-Linux department into having a dude out with
the laptop; he comes up fine.  But when I try to do anything other than 
DHCP, tcpdump shows the card repeatedly sending arp requests for my gateway
and getting nothing back.  

What's going on here?  MediaOne Gwinnett, kernel 2.2.9, pcnet32 ethernet 
driver, IPCHAINS in masquerade mode, everything worked before.  

While we're at it, will somebody refresh my memory and tell me who the
Linux-friendly ISP's are around here?  If I can't resolve this in about
48 hours (and I'm sending mail to them, too), I'm going to tell them to 
shove that cablemodem somewhere unprintable.  

at this point Glenn, frustrated...

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