[ale] remote X from other OSs

Dunlap, Randy randy.dunlap at intel.com
Fri Aug 6 18:26:33 EDT 1999

Yep, just depends on how much functionality you need and
what you're willing to dish out for it.

The MI/X server package ($25) meets by [basic] needs.
(free for Mac, $ for Windows)


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> (The protocol is: ask away, as you did)
> IMBO (B=biased):
> The professional solution would be to run Hummingbird's Exceed as the
> X-Server on your Windows workstations; about $300/seat as I recall.
> Hummingbird will send you a 30-day eval CD for the asking.
> Alternative, the other two reasonably good X-Servers I've run 
> across for
> Wintel include X-Win32 (www.starnet.com) (eval download) at 
> about $200/seat
> and SuperX (www.frontiertech.com) (eval download) price unknown.
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> From: Jeff Martin <jeff at xipe.net>
> I don't know the protocol for a "delurk" for a maillist..but 
> here goes.
> My name is Jeff Martin, I am one of the members of the Linux Club at
> Devry (decatur).
> We have convinced the Administration that we need a Linux 
> server inside
> the firewall-- since there will only be one for the next 10 
> weeks , and
> then only three, we wanted to have some kind of software on 
> the Windows
> machines so that X-windows could be run on multiple machines
> concurrently.

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