[ale] RE: UPS for Linux in HSPH net

Allen, Paula J. pja0 at cdc.gov
Wed Aug 4 22:57:22 EDT 1999

Could someone from the ALE group help me answer Cuong's question?  What
could be interfering with the com ports?  The mouse is on a PS/2 port, and
that machine has a com1 and a com2.  Com1 is the modem for Sendmail, so the
other should be com2 ..pj

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 From: Pham Viet Cuong [mailto:pvc1 at hsph.edu.vn]
Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 1999 8:47 PM
To: Paula Allen (E-mail)
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Subject: UPS for Linux in HSPH net

Hi Paula and Mike,

Yesterday we try to set up a new UPS for linux server. The UPS name is 
NetUPS. It has software for Linux with kernel 2.2. Follow the intruction in 
the manual we have installed that. But we didn't success in connecting 
server with UPS.
During the installation phase, the programe asks for choosing a com port 
for UPS as following:
	> 1. /dev/cua1
	> 2. /dev/cua2
	> 3. /dev/cua3
	> 4. /dev/cua4
	> 5. none of above

We have try 2,3, 4 and 5 (the COM1 have been using for modem) but we alway 
get the message: "Error to opening the terminal :Linux".

Please give us some advices!

Bye for now,


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