[ale] Minor challenges seeking answers

Christopher S. Adams toiletduk at penguinpowered.com
Tue Aug 3 22:03:40 EDT 1999

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Date: Tuesday, August 03, 1999 2:25 PM
Subject: [ale] Minor challenges seeking answers

>I'm having a few challenges for which I'm not finding answers. Of course
>that just means that I'm looking in the wrong places.
>I'm running RH6.0 pretty much stock and usually using the gnome desktop.
>Problem one is with dosemu: When running as "xdos" it gives
>  ERROR: X: Unable to open font "vga"ERROR: , trying "vga"...

I know this one :)
http://fonts.themes.org and get the vga font...put it in your font path and
add it to the fonts.dir for that directory

>Whatever font the system finds gives a plugugly window for my dos app.
>(Quicken) Is there a way to get a better font/display?
>Problem two: I should run backups on the children's Mac system, and the
>only tape I have is on the Linux box. Is there an open source (or really
>cheap) backup solution for backing up Mac systems on tape hosted by intel
>linux? Or do I need to learn more about the Mac so I can script something
>Problem three: Does anybody know a player which will play video and audio
>from mpg files created by a Sony Mavica FD88? (I can provide a 5 second
>clip if you want one I guess) As long as I have the camera, and the camera
>makes such files, I really should learn how to play the damn things (and
>maybe learn how to shoot them so they are worth watching!).
>Like I mentioned above, nothing really showstopping, but irritating still.
>I've obviously been looking in the wrong places for solutions, so I'd
>better ask.
>My thanks to one and all in advance.
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>                           Shaves before he hugs his mama
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