[ale] Only BitchX not resolving hostnames...

David S. Jackson dsj at dsj.net
Mon Nov 30 22:00:33 EST 1998


This one has got me stumped:

All my other services and applications (after an upgrade RHL 4.2 to 5.1 on
this host) seem to be working fine as far as DNS goes.  But when I fire up
BitchX as --->$ bitchx dsj irc.efnet.net

I get the following error:

ùíù BitchX: File not found: bxglobal
>>> You have new Mail
ùíù BitchX: File not found: /home/dsj/.BitchX/BitchX.sav
ùíù BitchX: Auto Response is set to - dsj
ùíù Connecting to port 6667 of server irc.efnet.net
ùíù Unable to connect to port 6667 of server irc.efnet.net: No such file or

Then a moment later:

ùíù BitchX: Servers exhausted. Restarting. [1]	  

Now, when I fire up ircII in exactly the same way, I get success just as I
would expect and as BitchX should have done.

Strange, huh?  I've compiled this thing a bunch of times, and I've tried
several different binaries.  Seems to be Bx specific.  DNS elseways seems to
be fine.  Http, ftp, etc.  No problems.  The boxes behind my firewall using
BitchX connect just fine.  I'm using my IP Masq machine right now.  Weird,

Let me know what you think.  TIA!

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