[ale] UNIX Question

Stan.Hearn at ipst.edu Stan.Hearn at ipst.edu
Mon Nov 30 12:42:25 EST 1998

I've got two lists:

LARGE="aaa bbb ccc ddd eee fff ggg hhh iii jjj kkk"
SMALL="aaa ccc ddd eee fff ggg"

Solution: DIFF="bbb hhh iii jjj kkk"

I want to know which items in LARGE are not in SMALL.  I want to calculate

SMALL will always be a subset of LARGE.  In other words, no value in SMALL
would not exist in LARGE.

I can think of a couple of ways to get this to work, but they all seem to
be very kludgey.  I know this is an easy problem for perl, but this piece
is part of a larger /bin/sh script.

Does a method for determining this pop into your head?


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