[ale] Adjusting FROM address on Replys using exmh

Jeremy T. Bouse undrgrid at undergrid.net
Sun Nov 29 00:53:38 EST 1998


On Sat, 28 Nov 1998, Jere McDevitt wrote:

> Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 23:09:18 -0500
> From: Jere McDevitt <jemcdevitt at mindspring.com>
> To: ALE Group <ale at cc.gatech.edu>
> Subject: [ale] Adjusting FROM address on Replys using exmh
> I've tried various configures and can't get it to change.  Anyone have any 
> suggestions on how I get the from address to be my ISP account?  There may be 
> someway to put a rule in sendmail.cf to filter it, but those rules are even 
> more confusing.

	Having never used exmh, please take this as is... If I am
understanding you correctly you are wanting to send email from your linux
box with the return reply address of your mindspring address... One way to
do this woul dbe through the Masq recipes in sendmail.cf. These are
actually well documented in any recent version and not that hard to setup.
However this will not mask your username but merely your host address
portion of your address... To get around this I use the same account on my
Linux box at home as I do on the machines at the office. However it would
be possible with a lil work to get it to take a hashed database file with
local usernames on the LHS and the remote username on the RHS and have
sendmail convert these in the header. This should in theory be relatively
easy to do if you generate your sendmail.cf from a sendmail.mc through m4
as is default with any Debian Linux system.
	My sendmail servers are all running custom m4 configs as each on
needed slightly different setups and this allowed for these to be done
with relative ease and makes upgrading sendmail easier to configure for
new versions. If you would like to try working on a recipe routine to
perform this task I would be willing to assist you as much as I could as
this could prove useful for me as well.

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