[ale] lm_78 stuff

Byron A Jeff byron at cc.gatech.edu
Fri Nov 27 09:13:55 EST 1998

> Does anyone have any info on Overclocking the AMD K6-2?  (I just got a
> 333Mhz).

Pretty much a no brainer. First of all the 333 is speced to run with a
95Mhz FSB clock. So the first overclock which should work absolutely no
problem is to set the FSB clock speed to 100 Mhz giving an instant 350 Mhz
part. The next trial is to push the FSB to 112 Mhz. You may have to push the
core voltage up 0.1 or 0.2V to compensate for the extra load. If the 112 Mhz
works with a 3.5 multiplier, your part should run at 392 Mhz.

Be sure to cool your part.

BAJ (who has a 300 Mhz K6/2 running at 336Mhz)

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