[ale] rsh and rlogin

Chris Ricker kaboom at gatech.edu
Fri Nov 27 01:03:56 EST 1998

On Thu, 26 Nov 1998, Vernard Martin wrote:

> > I forgot to add...I CAN rlogin and rsh as any user other than root. But
> > there is a process I wanted to run as root, but it fails with an rsh and
> > rlogin asks for a password.
> On RedHat machines, they have configured the system so that root can _NEVER_
> login without entering a password. Its a security feature. 

If you really want to disable this (note:  I don't recommend doing this,
but...), take a look at the /etc/pam.d/ configuration files for the service
you're wanting to use.  They probably have a line that says something to the
effect of "auth required /lib/pam/securetty_pam.so" or something vaguely
like that at or near the top.  Remove that line from the service you're
wanting to use, or add the tty you'll be coming in from to /etc/securetty
and you should be set.

What I'd do is come in as a normal user over ssh, and then su / sudo to root
(if you play games with pam config files, you can make su from members of
group wheel to root be passwordless), if I just had to have the script
running as root.


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