[ale] Unrecognized NIC

Marc Torres marct at lowbyte.com
Wed Jan 21 12:20:11 EST 1998

On Wed, 21 Jan 1998, Shawn Russell wrote:
> I recently purchased Caldera OpenLinux Standard and upon installation I am 
> unable to get my network card recognized.
> The system I have is as follows
> 3Com 3C905 Ethernet 100bTX network card
> I have created the modules disk and none of the 3Com NIC works with my 

	Off the top of my head I recall alot of work done on that
	driver in the past six months or so.  I'll take a stab that
	Caldera is shipping an older kernel (less then 2.0.30).

	I would get 2.0.33 and recomplie; it has the latest version
	of the 3c905 driver in it from D Becker.

	I think there are also options for FDX/HDX and 10/100 in
	that card family driver code.  If the card is identified
	during boot, try plugging it to to a 10mb segment, does
	traffic flow?  Are theere LEDs on the card showing FDX/HDX

	Anyway, some random thoughts.
	Marc Torres
	marct at lowbyte.com

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