[ale] smart config?

Robert L Harris nomad at rocky.orci.com
Tue Jan 20 23:17:41 EST 1998

> On 20 Jan, Robert L Harris wrote:
> > Very nice.  Hats off to the person who thought that up and implemented it.
> Michael Chastain, I think.  His next project for the makefile
> improvement is to move SMP support into a configuration option, so you
> can look for that in a few kernels....

Good idea.  how about a compile time option for mem so we don't have to
remember the append="mem=128M" or something similar?

> > Second,  my second machine is single CPU.  Would I be better off setting
> > SMP=0?
> Actually, just comment the line out altogether.  Any bugs you get
> running SMP kernels on uni systems may be spurious.  They'll certainly
> be regarded as such by the developers, anyway....

I've had no bugs.  I was primarily wondering if there might be a performance 


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