[ale] Printer and SVGAlib

J.Anthony Smith anthony.smith at chemistry.gatech.edu
Sun Jan 18 21:02:14 EST 1998

Tri Ngo wrote:

>  Hi! It's me again. The solution that you guys gave me for my Canon
> printer problem partly solved my trobles. Ghostscript doesn't crash
> now but it still doesn't print in color, so it would be nice if you
> could help me out on this some more. Oh yeah, I decided that I would
> look for some games on the internet for linux. I found out that most
> of good ones use Svgalib. I went to configure Svgalib, but I couldn't
> figure it out even after looking at the vgaconfig file in /etc/vga.
> Could you guys give me some clear guidelines? I use a ATI Xpert at Play
> vid card. My monitor is a generic low end SVGA 1024x768 at 43hz
> interlaced. I use a PS/2 mouse.If you guys don't remember me I have
> Redhat 5.0. I'm a 13 year old beginner. I noticed that Linux is so
> much more stable than windoze95. Like when I'm using windoze and 1 app
> crashes it takes the whole system down with it, but that doesn't
> happen with linux. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for you
> Patience,Tri Ngo

Hey, have you checked out quake for linux yet? It runs great, sound,
networking, serving and all. I have it if you want.
Anthony Smith
anthony.smith at chemistry.gatech.edu

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