[ale] Accelerated X help?

Robert L Harris nomad at rocky.orci.com
Sat Jan 17 00:26:15 EST 1998

  I've got Accelerated X on my laptop.  I found the video drivers on their
web page.  Problem is I'm still getting some really weird behaviour.  When
I do a "Xsetup" it starts a very lowlevel X and gives me the stuff to do
the setup of the X.  When I actually do a "startx" I get a dead console.
It seems to start X, but if I telnet in from another box I can't find any
related processes running.  I can't ctrl-alt-backspace for force it to 
another console.  I can however ctrl-alt-del.  I also have full functionality
from my telnet.  From the telnet if I run Xsetup it starts up fine in the
super basic mode.  When I quit that, the error messages on the console say
it couldn't connect to screen #0.

Any ideas?  This is weird.

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