[ale] CDROM - where is it? (fwd)

Huong Q. Dinh quynh at cc.gatech.edu
Thu Jan 15 23:50:49 EST 1998

Quoting John M. Mills:
> I don't know what type of configuration you set up, but you can make many
> of the functions as 'modules' which keeps the kernel pretty small.  Is it
> possible you didn't make a "compressed" kernel ('make zImage')?  Results
> then come out as: /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/zImage
> Follow the READMEs in /usr/src/linux, and do 'make modules' and 'make
> modules-install', copy the [usually small] zImage to an appropriate place,
> like /boot/vmlinuz-new.build, add it to /etc/lilo.conf, and rerun lilo.
> At the 'LILO:' prompt, hit <shift> then <tab> (2 separate keystrokes) to
> see what boot options LILO knows about.  Type the name you gave the new
> one, to try it out without wrecking what you already have.
>  You did keep a boot disk of the old kernel, didn't you?
> [;-)
>   John M. Mills, Senior Research Engineer -- john.mills at gtri.gatech.edu
>   Georgia Tech Research Institute, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA 30332-0834
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>              "Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics, and Simulations"

I read the READMEs and they said to do just as you say above with 
make modules, modules-install, etc.  It also mentioned setting the
CONFIG_MODVERSION when running make config.  So, basically, I ran
	make mrproper      to clean things up
	make config        setting CONFIG_MODVERSION to yes
	make dep
	make clean
	make zlilo 

Unfortunately I get an error at make zlilo.  It seems to have a problem
making ksyms.o  which gets copied as a symbolic link to ksyms.ver
Anyone have any idea why this might be occuring.  I leafed through
Makefiles ksyms.c, some include files, etc. and I don't know why it's
failing.  Any help, please...

I tried making bzlilo and bzImage but there weren't any rules for that
in the makefile.  Perhaps my version is of Linux is a bit old - Slackware
3.1  So, I'm thinking about downloading some new kernel source code,
unless anyone knows what might be wrong.

- Quynh.

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