[ale] Linux and ISDN

Geoffrey Myers geof at abraxis.com
Thu Jan 15 21:01:16 EST 1998

John Clover wrote:
> Hello, I recently got ISDN, along with an internal  USR Sportster 128K
> Type 2-U. I am having problems with exactly how to get isdn4k-utils to
> work, I have compiled ISDN support into the kernel
> and compiled isdn4k and it seems a few config files are missing.. I am
> completely lost as to how
> I might get started. Any suggestions on where I could find some really
> good documentation, or
> if anyone has setup this same device would like to tell me the steps
> they took I would greatly
> appreciate it.

As I understand it, the kernel does not support the USR Sportster 128K,
I checked this out a while back as I've got one as well.  I do have the
email address of a guy that has written a driver for the USR 128k if you
are interested.  Currently, it's only 64K and he's not getting a lot of
support from USR, so he has no idea if he'll ever get to 128k.  I've not
tried the driver, but I do have a 30 trial version he sent me.  Let me
know if you want his email address.  My last discussion with him
indicated that you didn't need ISDN compiled in your kernel as his
driver 'does it all.'

If you know anything differently, let me know, I'd sure like to be able
to get mine working as well.

> Thanks,
> John Clover
> Digital Horizons
> jclover at digital.horizons.net

Until later: Geoffrey		geof at abraxis.com

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