[ale] Sharing NFS /home and /usr

Steven A DuChene sad at hpuerca.atl.hp.com
Tue Jan 13 18:08:19 EST 1998

> Hello,
> I'm getting a computer that I want to be able to run linux occassionally.
> I alerady have a computer with linux installed. Will this setup on the new
> computer work:
> Device:		Mounted as:	Type:
> /dev/hda1 	/		IDE
> old:/home	/home		NFS
> old:/usr	/usr		NFS
> I know sharing /home will work. Will sharing /usr between two intel Redhat
> computers work? What about RPM? 

Unh, I don't think sharing /usr is a real good idea. You may run into various
problems especially with /usr/lib  Particularly if you go with RedHat 5.0
on the new machine since it and several other future distributions will be
glibc-2.0 based. The two systems may well end up having incompatible libraries
even if one is not glibc-2.0 based since many of the libraries are under

What happens if the versions of XFree86 are different on the two systems?
Most of that lives under /usr/X11R6

I would think it would be much safer to mount /usr/local instead.

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