[ale] Diskless boot

Ken Seefried ken at seefried.com
Sun Jan 11 00:07:50 EST 1998

I've got a question about diskless booting, and the HOWTO is 
fairly dated.

I've got a reasonably recent SMC ISA ethernet card (using the 
SMC 83C790 UltraChip) that has the SMC BootWare v 1.30
boot ROM installed.  This bootrom claims to be able to boot
from TCP/IP (as well as RPL and NetWare).

Unfortunately, neither I nor the SMC website seems to have
any doco on how one might coerce this ROM to do anything.
Would anyone have an idea if it's possible to remotely boot 
Linux with this style of boot ROM as opposed to burning ones
own boot ROM as detailed in the HOWTO?

- Ken

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