[ale] patching the kernel

Steven A DuChene sad at hpuerca.atl.hp.com
Fri Jan 9 18:12:34 EST 1998

David Hamm wrote:
> Ok so I've decided to patch my 2.0.30 kernel up to 2.0.32 and I apply the
> 2.0.31 patch like this.
>         [root at davidhspc linux-2.0.31]# patch < patch-2.0.31

is located (/usr/src/linux or /usr/src/linux-2.0.31 for instance). To patch
the kernel when you're in that directory you need to do the following:

cat patch-2.0.31 | patch -p1


zcat patch-2.0.31.gz | patch -p1

The "-p1" switch tells patch to strip off the first leading directory of
the patches so it matches what we have under our current working directory.

Alternatively we could be in /usr/src with the linux directory under us
and just issue:

cat patch-2.0.31 | patch -p0


zcat patch-2.0.31.gz | patch -p0

since then the linux/Whatever_path_to_files would then be correct without
stripping any leading directories off the patch file path, thus the "-p0"

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