[ale] lilo can't write MBR to HD?

charlie hubbard charlie at cc.gatech.edu
Fri Jan 9 09:16:06 EST 1998

I'm trying to update up kernel, and I get all the way through and
lilo won't rewrite the MBR when I run it.  I think this is the first
time I've tried to update my kernel since I moved HDs.  I copied
my linux distribution from a smaller HD to a bigger HD, and here's
what lilo reports when I try to run it:

LILO version 19, Copyright 1992-1996 Werner Almesberger

Reading boot sector from /dev/hda
Merging with /boot/boot.b
Warning: BIOS drive 0x82 may not be accessible
geo_comp_addr: Cylinder number is too big (1484 > 1023)

My drives are as follows:

/dev/hda        boot        windows95
/dev/hdb                        windows95, linux (old drive)
/dev/hdc                        linux (new drive)


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