[ale] support?

Mike Kachline kachline at cc.gatech.edu
Wed Jan 7 22:18:38 EST 1998

> Is anyone familiar with installing Red Hat Linux using the NFS option. I
> have  installed Linux 4.2 on a 486 machine that has a cd and would like
> to install Linux onto another machine connected via a network card from
> the cd on the 486. I believe this is possible. If anyone has this

	Perhaps you could do this easier by using the ftp option? If I 
remember correctly, RH allows you to an install via FTP, so, perhaps you 
could mount your cd in a directory under your 486's anonymous ftp 
directory (/home/ftp/ ?), then point your other machine's "FTP install" 
to look for your 486 instead of Redhat's internet site?

							My $0.02,
								- Mike
Michael Kachline - CS, Georgia Tech
kachline at cc.gatech.edu

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