[ale] Can't locate net-pf-4 and net-pf-5 modules

Steven A DuChene sad at hpuerca.atl.hp.com
Wed Jan 7 17:08:06 EST 1998

Marc Torres provided some useful info on using some entries in the conf.modules
file to make some bootup warning messages about not finding some modules go

I think this is a needed area that we need someone to give a talk on for
an ALE meeting. What sorts of things have to go into the conf.modules
file for various types of modules. I know that if I want to compile the
sound driver as a module I have no idea what I have to put into this
file to get the modules loaded correctly. I had a similar problem with
getting the parport stuff in 2.1.X configured correctly the other day.

Perhaps common modules like networks, sound, parport stuff, and etc
would be a start of a mini-talk if there wasn't enough there for a full
length talk.

Anyone feel comfortable enough with module configuration to cover something
like this?
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