[ale] IP routing problem.

Millard Wayne, An Infocure Company mims at gomwi.com
Mon Jan 5 15:55:43 EST 1998

Marc A. Torres wrote:

>   This can be accomplished with most TCP applications by using a port
>   redirector.  When your linux box accepts a connection on the port the
>   redirector is running on, it opens a connection to the AS400
>   transparently and acts as a proxy.
>   If you need telnet access to the AS400 you can assign a port on the
>   linux box to map to the AS400 via proxy.  So an outside user would
>   type "telnet linux-gw.yourdomain.com 2000" the proxy would open a
>   connection to the AS400 on the standard telnet port.

This would be perfect.  Can you tell me where to find docs on setting this up?

>   What application are you tring to get to the AS400?

We are using Client Access/400 for connecting to the host system.  At this
point weare having people dial directly into the system which ties up phone
lines.  We also have folks out
of state that we are looking for a less expensive alternative for connecting
to the host site.

>   The easy way it to get a small subnet assigned to you by your provider,
>   a /30 (2 host IP's) or a /29 (6 host IP's) and just give the AS400 a
>   'Real' IP.

This is the way I would do it if I could.  Unfortunately,  I can't convince
the folks in charge that this is a safe option.They are worried about
security.  I can certainly understand this, but I think that their fears are
unfounded.Anyway, thanks for your help, this could be just what I'm looking

>   Marc Torres
>   marct at lowbyte.com

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