[ale] IP routing problem.

Marc A. Torres marct at lowbyte.com
Mon Jan 5 14:25:58 EST 1998

On Mon, 5 Jan 1998, Millard Wayne, An Infocure Company wrote:
> I have a Linux box connected to a dedicated ISP account with a static IP
> address.  I have IP masq on this box for the internal network and
> everyone can get out, no problem.

  Well generaly on assigned IP address = one host for most apps.

> The problem is I have an AS/400 inside the network that I need users on
> the internet to be able to connect to.  Is this possible?  Is there
> someway to route an IP or a group of IP's from the internet through the
> Linux box and directly to the AS/400 so that the PC's think they are
> attaching directly to the AS/400? Or am I just dreaming?

  This can be accomplished with most TCP applications by using a port
  redirector.  When your linux box accepts a connection on the port the
  redirector is running on, it opens a connection to the AS400
  transparently and acts as a proxy.

  If you need telnet access to the AS400 you can assign a port on the
  linux box to map to the AS400 via proxy.  So an outside user would
  type "telnet linux-gw.yourdomain.com 2000" the proxy would open a 
  connection to the AS400 on the standard telnet port.

  What application are you tring to get to the AS400?

  The easy way it to get a small subnet assigned to you by your provider,
  a /30 (2 host IP's) or a /29 (6 host IP's) and just give the AS400 a
  'Real' IP.

  Marc Torres
  marct at lowbyte.com

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