[ale] Re: Ping through Masq'ing firewall?

Robert L Harris nomad at rocky.orci.com
Mon Jan 5 09:32:20 EST 1998

> On  5 Jan, Robert L Harris wrote:
> > I did menuconfig so I could cut and paste it.  In the 2.1.X kernel there
> > is no ICMP Masq support apparaently. :
> > 
> > {0}:moat:/lib/modules/2.1.64/ipv4>ls
> > ip_masq_ftp.o     ip_masq_irc.o     ip_masq_quake.o   ip_masq_raudio.o
> > {0}:moat:/lib/modules/2.1.64/ipv4>
> Actually, at least 2.1.77 has ICMP support.  I don't know how good it
> is, though, because it won't boot on the computer I run 2.1.x on ;-).
> > I need to upgrade to Redhat-5.0 to use kernel 2.0.33 so the subsystems
> > will be up to par.  Problem is there is no floppy or CD in this machine
> > which makes it hard to boot from floppies.
> ???  You can run 2.1.x, but not 2.0.33?  I don't understand....
> later,
> chris
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> Chris Ricker                                 gt1355b at prism.gatech.edu

It seems that the binutils is out of date on my firewall which is 4.2.
I have no clue how I can get 2.1.X to compile though.  I do know that
occasionally I need to remove the -K option from genksys... :>


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