[ale] Routing 101

Dave Brooks root at trusted.net
Sat Jan 3 22:29:34 EST 1998

well, all I have now are two network routes (both to on both
machines.  but, on either machine, when I try and ping the other, this is
what I get:

bofh:/ # ping spork
PING spork ( 56 data bytes

--- spork ping statistics ---
15 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss
bofh:/ #

I had to abort it because nothing was happening.  My cards are connected
properly, because linux finds them where they are.  I only have two
machines, and I'm using 10BaseT, so obviously I am using reversed RJ-45.
Anything else that could be preventing these cards from talking to each


On Sat, 3 Jan 1998, George Nies wrote:

> > Currently, I have two machines.  One of them, spork, has it's eth0 set to
> > netmask broadcast
> > The other machine, bofh, is set to netmask
> > broadcast
> This is just one segment, right?
> First of all, you shouldn't need host routes, so take those out.
> Next, you do need to add a network route to each.  On slackware
> this is done in /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1 (or at least used to be)
> This line needs to run on both boxes at every boot:
> route add -net netmask
> Don't forget to add both host names to /etc/hosts on both machines.
> If that doesn't do it...
> Are the cards connected properly?  If you are using twisted-pair,
> you'll need either a hub or a cross-over cable.
> if you're using coax cable, you'll need the cable, two T's, and 
> two terminators.
> And finally --
> when you figure out which machine will be doing the dialing,
> go to the other and add the following line just after your other
> calls to route:
> route add default gw <gateway ip address here> metric 1
> If your still having problems feel free to ask...
> 	-George

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