[ale] [ALE] fdisk question

philip at plr10_x25.ccc.amdahl.com philip at plr10_x25.ccc.amdahl.com
Tue Apr 1 23:20:07 EST 1997

        I have just installed a new IDE drive and am trying to partition
it.  I am using fdisk version 3.04.  I would like to define 4 partitions: 
                #1      linux native
                #2      linux extended
                #3      linux extended
                #4      linux native

I have no problems doing that.  But, I am unable to define any
"partitions" within the two extended partitions.  I would like to define 4
within each.  I was expecting to be able to define hdc5-8 in the first and
hdc9-12 in the second.  When I try to define those partitions, I get a
message that says that the partition doesn't exist. 

        Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.


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