MARY L. EVANS mlevans at hamlet.uncg.edu
Sun Jan 21 02:35:37 EST 1996

 I'm having a slight problem with ELM and ONLY one user account on my 
machine.  Whenever i login under the acct "mntlcase" i get this error:

Waiting to read mailbox while mail is being received:  attempt #0

 It attempts 7 times then gives me this error:

Giving up after 7 iterations.

Please try to read your mail again in a few minutes.

 I've looked everywhere for a lock file or something that would be 
preventing it because i can still use ELM if i login under any other 
account.  I have removed the mntlcase acct and recreated it and it still 
doesn't work.  Also, is there a program like the old "userdel" so i can 
delete users more easily than editing the passwd file and deleting their 
home directory.  


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