Getting X to work on Linux (fwd)

Vernard C. Martin vernard at
Thu Oct 27 15:32:37 EDT 1994

A newbie to Linux is having some trouble getting X windows up and running.
Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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>Subject: Getting X to work on Linux
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>I really enjoyed the presentation at So. Tech. and I believe I have all
>of the necessary info.  I've been running the ConfigXF86 program to tweek
>my monitor without success.  I have a TVGA 9000I video card.  My monitor
>is a Packard Bell PB8539VG.  It has a Horizontal Sync of 31.5 Khz, a
>Vertical Sync of 50-70 Hz (P.B. says 60 Hz is best) and a bandwith of
>30 Mhz.  If I'm reading my video manual correctly, I should have a clock
>speed of 25.  I believe I am booting Linux 1.0.9. 
>Any help would be appreciated.
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