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Daniel Newcombe NEWCOMBE at
Fri Dec 9 14:42:02 EST 1994

A VERY good point.  We could always have people "in-the-know" sitting 
in the audience, who will have the job of raising their hands and 
saying stuff like "Uh...what is WINE."

Actually, oddly enuff, I had a dream somewhat related to what you are 
talking about the other night (after too much pumpkin pie).

I had finally made it to the meeting and FINALLY found the place.  When 
I went in, there were a bunch of people in there, with about 5 or 6 
sitting behind a desk, in charge, under a sign that said Linux.  They 
were running the meeting, and everything they were doing were inside 
jokes...right down to a vote on the personalities of various people at 
the table.    (But, your post did not address why every inch of the 
walls in my dream were covered with comic books, and why the people at 
the table were in Starfleet uniforms :)


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