find(1) usage

Mark R. Lindsey Mark at
Sat Dec 24 14:43:17 EST 1994

This isn't strictly Linux related; in fact, it's not at all; it's a 
question about usage of gnu find(1).

I'd like to be able to find 
 - files that were modified in the last A minutes
 - files that were modified more than B minutes ago
 - files that were accessed in the last C minutes
 - files that were accessed more than D minutes ago

(A different run of find for each of the four usages)

My use: I'm trying to develop a hierarchial storage system, so that,
for example, if a file is regularly modified and accessed, it's automatically
backed up and kept on my fast SCSI, but if it's not used that often (example:
X and TeX fonts), it'll be moved to a slower drive, leaving the good
primary space open for regularly-used stuff.

And, of course, I'd like to code it then not have to think about it.

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