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Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts (ALE) is a diverse group of friendly people who enjoy the freedoms and benefits of GNU Linux Computing and Free Liberating Open Source Software technologies. From novices to network administrators, from smart phones to data centers, we strive to empower every information technology user with freely distributable software and to improve every computing environment with the superior security, functionality and flexibility of Open Source Operating System solutions. -- more about ALE --

ALE-Central Meeting “Linux MD RAID” 7:30 Feb 19, 2015

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Linux MD RAID has been helping both enterprises and hobbyists keep their systems running through thick and thin for many years. In the past few years, hardware evolution and marketplace changes have created some traps for the unwary. This presentation will review the feature history
of Linux RAID, explain the most common traps, and show common configurations with their pros and cons. An “alternate” install of Ubuntu server will be used for demonstrations.
Phil Turmel has been an electronics and computing enthusiast since his father had him help solder together a Heathkit H8 back in 1979. As an Electrical Engineer and small businessman, Phil has been using Linux for both work and home tasks for over a decade. A regular contributor to the linux-raid mailing list, Phil has both experienced and helped others.
with common Linux RAID problems.

The meeting will be at ALE-Central at 7:30 pm. See here for directions.

ALE-CENTRAL MTG. — 7:30pm Thursday, January 15th, 2015

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7:30pm Thursday, January 15th, 2015
Emory Campus PAIS Bldg., Rm 561

A DIALOG: ALE in a Changing Internet Landscape

As we all know, the world of technology is changing in both good
and not so good ways. These changes are clearly being felt at ALE.

How can ALE continue to be relevant in a walled garden world of
Facebook and Hangouts and Meetups? Should the walled garden
be viewed as a new conquest?

Linux no longer has to struggle for recognition or relevance. ALE
has been part of the pointy end of the stick that has forced the
changes where Linux is now seen as not just a means to a cost
effective end but an essential element in all phases of electronic life.

Except for the desktop.

Apple is increasingly viewed as a viable desktop for schools and
personal use. They are making the push into business desktop uses
as well. Is this a good thing for the continued freedoms, and
responsibilities, that Linux systems offer?

Join in the discussion of ALE future and Linux changes. Please
bring a laptop, tablet or pen and paper. The meeting focus is not
just what can be done, but more importantly _who_ is going to
be doing it. The room seats 30. It needs to be standing room only
for this one.

ALE Central Meeting Nov 20, 2014 7:30pm

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First Steps with Two Factor Authentication

Your password is not, and will never again be, good enough. Whether you are using services from Google or other providers, increasingly, you are being asked to provide another level to authentication, which is good for all of us. But, as a home user or beginning Systems Administrator, how do you get started with some of these technologies yourself?

This presentation will cover a few soft token tools (Duo Security, Google Authenticator), as well as the recent iterations of Yubikeys.

Brian MacLeod is a Systems Engineer at the Georgia Institute of Technology, supporting research on high performance computing resources with the Partnership for Advanced Computing Environment (PACE) team.

ALE-NW @ SPSU MTG. for Thurs., Nov 13, 7:30pm

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ALE-NW Meeting

This is an open meeting. Everyone is invited, students, non-students, old and young.

Topic: Linux Virtualization Overview, Details, Optimizations and Questions
Presenter: JD
Date: 11/13 @ 7:30p – 9:30p-ish
Where: SPSU J-266
Directions: http://ale.org/?page_id=506

Server virtualization is the default in most enterprises today. Running directly
on hardware is the exception.

We’ll discuss the differences between the different methods to virtualize
hardware, operating systems, applications and application engines available on
Linux systems today. Pros and cons for each, how to optimize each and discuss
items of interest from the audience.
Xen, KVM, LXC, Docker, VirtualBox, VMware ESXi will be included.

ALE-NW **usually** meets the 2nd Thursday of the month at the SPSU campus. Please mark this on your calendar as a reoccurring meeting. The group usually adjourns to the Marietta Diner after the formal meeting.
ALE-NW@SPSU meetings are open events and we hope you will join us! We generally meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month, but always watch the ale.org email list for specifics. Also remember that topic suggestions and presentation offers for the meetings can be emailed to [ jdp (at) algoloma (dot) com] or [griggs (dot) andy (at) gmail (dot) com]
ALE-NW works closely with the GA-400 Linux Group: http://www.meetup.com/GA-400-Linux-Group/ Meets most Sundays to discuss Linux. Very newby friendly group.
Fall 2014 Schedule:

ALE-Central Meeting, Thurs., Oct 16, 7:30pm

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TOPIC – Systemd: Love it, hate it, it’s here!
When: 7:30p Oct 16, 2014
Where: Ask JimK – directions on left are not correct. Suggest looking through email archives.
UPDATE: See link on left for directions to ALE Central Meetings.

A general discussion of systemd with no real focus other than to dispel myths and introduce the system to those who have had it forced upon them. Q&A will be taken, of course, if there is time.

There’s not a lot to say: for most people, it’s completely under the hood. For the rest, we’ll talk a bit about all that can be done with it:
> udev
> systemd journal
> D-Bus, KD-Bus, PolicyKit
> Multi-seat
> Easy service prototyping and development
> Virtual machines as system services
> And more!

BIO – Michael B. Trausch is an independent consultant and developer performing all manner of IT services using free software, including network systems administration and programming (in many different and often disliked languages). He works from home (when everything is going well…) and devotes much of his time to parenting his kids Ben and Amelia. He is an advocate for free software, public education, and freedom in general, accepting the responsibilities that
come with it. He is also obsessed with typography and Unicode, and
drinks way too much coffee.

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