Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts

Promoting Linux and Open Source Software Freedom in Atlanta Since 1994

Notes and Topics from Previous ALE Central Meetings


Month Speaker Topic
February Chris Woodruff Borland Kylix
January (seven year anniversary meeting) Michael Hirsh, ZapMedia ZapStation


Month Speaker Topic
December Shane O’Donnell, OpenNMS Network and Systems Management
November Larry Grenevitch Accessing MS COM Objects Remotely with Linux
October Elmer Masters Running a Website with AOLserver, OpenACS, & TCL
September Aaron Ruscetta Amiga and Linux
August Ray Knight Configuring and practical use of OpenSSH
July Chris Farris Linux Home Automation
June Scott Holben Connecting Linux with ADSL
May Bob Toxen His new book, Real World Linux Security
April Netraverse Win4Lin
March Sara Yurman, Spatial Focus, Inc. Map Servers for Linux
February Mike Kachline Multi-head displays under XFree86
January (six year anniversary meeting) Neil Griffin Emediat Solutions, Inc.


Month Speaker Topic
December Raylynn Knight The State of Linux Development on m68k Macintosh
November Todd Lewis, SecureWorks Spiel about SecureWorks
October none Went to the 4th Annual Linux Showcase instead!
September Chris Fowler, Computone Corporation A presentation on how to burn a CD-Rom under Linux. Slides in PDF format (719K).
August Paul Painter, An Infrastructure for Colocation Inflow, Inc. A technical presentation regarding the infrastructure of a
colocation services provider.
July Alan Robertson, Linux High Availability Project The author of heartbeat spoke about the state of the art of open source
high availabilty solutions for Linux. The Linux-HA web site is an exhaustive resource.
June Steve Giles, Open Network Management System Network and Systems Management (and the OpenNMS project)
May Susan Decker and Chris Schultz,
James River Technical, Inc
SGI and Linux Advanced Cluster Environment
April Dr. Robert Butera, Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Introduction to Real Time Linux
March Kelly Beavers, President Ecrix Corporation Tape Storage Technology and Ecrix’s VXA Technology
February Eric Z. Ayers Connecting Linux to the Internet with RedHat 6.1 and KPPP Slides (pdf file 500Kb) or handouts (gzip’ed postscript 416Kb)
January (five year anniversary meeting) Gerry Gilmore,
Dialogic Corporation
Computer Telephony for Linux


Month Speaker Topic
December Charles Shapiro Building a home router with the Linux Router Project
November Tim Mangan, Sybase SQL Anywhere Product for Linux
October none Party at Dave & Busters thanks to the Atlanta Linux Showcase
September none Free-format Switchboard Bonanza
August Tom Buttermore, Media One Media One Cable Modem Service in Atlanta
July Chris Farris, Room17 Enterprises Linux Distributions: Wandering through the Chaos
June Bob Foery, SuperNova Presentation and Demonstration of Component Developer
May Michael D. Hirsh CCF: A Collaborative Computing Framework
April Todd Lewis The Dents Name Server
March Dennis Boylan Linux Kernel Review 2.2
February Paul Manno and Tom Pilsch, Georgia Tech Continuing Education Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Windows
January (four year anniversary meeting) Marc Meltzer, Artecon RAID Solutions


Month Speaker Topic
December Mike Fletcher Apache and mod_perl
November Trae Mc Combs, Graphics Tools for X
October Stuart Parmenter Update on the GNOME Project
September Paul Reavis Java for Linux Enthusiasts
August Stuart Trusty Debian GNU/Linux Turns Five
July none Free-format Switchboard Bonanza
June Danny Cox My Dinner with Andrew
May John Brothers Using Linux to Short Circuit the Internet Product Design Cycle
April Todd Lewis KDE and GNOME
March Dennis Boylan Linux Firewalls
February Plexxus Technologies FLAME: A database server for Unix systems
January (three year anniversary meeting) Marc Torres Linux – The Year of 1997 in Review


Month Speaker Topic
December Jim Paradis (taped presentation from 1997 ALS) Running Linux/x86 Software On Linux/Alpha
November Mike Warfield Security War Stories
October Steve DuChene Linux on a PowerPC
September Marc Torres MAME
August Will Young Tcl/Tk
July ? ?
June Steve DuChene CDE under Linux
May Dennis Boylan Configuring Sendmail
April Anind Dey Wearable Computing
March Alan Lewis SPATCH (E-mail Paging Software)
February Steve DuChene Applixware
January (two year anniversary meeting) Marc Torres Linux – The Year of 1996 in Review


Month Speaker Topic
December Dan Mount, David Hamm Using RAID under Linux + using Linux as a File/Print/Mail server under Appletalk, Novell, and NT networking
November Todd Lewis Linux/Unix Security
October David Hamm Installing Red Hat Linux (via NFS)
September Rob Hoppe Caldera Network Desktop
August No Meeting Atlanta closed for the Olympics
July No Meeting Atlanta closed for the Olympics
June David Haynes Guerilla Networking: Using Slirp and IP Masquerading
May Steve DuChene Linux/SPARC
April Doug Todd Writing Linux Kernel Modules
March Amy Ayers, Dan Newcombe Mini-Talks: Java under Linux, Understanding Kernel Modules
February ALE Members Geek-off (members bring in computers and look at the pretty blinking lights)
January (one year anniversary meeting) Joshua Marinacci Executor (Macintosh Emulator)


Month Speaker Topic
December Dave Snyder PPP and Linux
November Eric Ayers Introduction to Perl
October Chris Farris Security Under Linux
September Amy Ayers Setting up a WWW Server
August Bob Toxen Introduction to HTML
July Steve DuChene Using Transputers under Linux
June Chris Farris Customizing an X Desktop
May Gareth Williams,Dan Newcombe Installing XFree86
April Bob McNamera, Robbie Honerkamp Behind the Scenes at an ISP
March Byron Jeff Productivity Tools under Linux
February Mike Warfield Using DOSemu
January (first ALE meeting) Vernard Martin Welcome to Linux and ALE


Month Speaker Topic
December none Let’s form ALE